How to convert VCF to CSV and vice versa

Nowadays, most contact information for individual store inside their mobile phone and gadgets. Android device for example, storing their contact information locally and when user do contact backup, the file produced will be in VCF formatted data.

Now, consider this scenario; I do have *.VCF in hands and I would like to manage my contact information manually. Manually meanings I wanted to sort, remove duplicate, change their first name or last name, change email address, change mobile number etc. For me, manage it all in Excel is the most convenience way. So , I need that file to be converted to Excel readable file.

The solution

The are many online solution available, no need to install seldom use software or whatever. Do it online because everyone now is connected to internet. One example is . The application provided by the website is to convert CSV to VCF and VCF/LDIF to CSV. Just read the instruction inside the website and you will be good.

Again,  here is the link:

Hope this will help.