Error on APEX : ORA-20001: Unable to bind..

ORA-20001: Unable to bind :P1005_YOUR_PAGE_ITEM_NAME verify length of item is 30 bytes or less. Use v() syntax to reference items longer than 30 bytes. ORA-01006: bind variable does not exist

I encountered an error as above when testing my application on APEX. So, normally I will googling around to find the solution. But unfortunately, I do not found a solid solution to my problem, particularly on the above error.

So I try to solve the error myself. After took couple of hours play around with it, finally it is resolved.

Important thing to take note are:

  • This error is not come from the database. It is from application itself.
  • No need to check your database table and re-define your table structure. Such as change to data length to 30 bytes etc.


The problem is due to the naming of the page item. So in APEX, it must not more than 30 bytes. So, I rename my page item to something more lesser in character. It works for me. I hope it is work for you too.

Change your character of P1005_YOUR_PAGE_ITEM_NAME to something lesser!

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