Stylish Blogger Label using CSS

There are so much interesting you can do if you know much about CSS. For example for my current website design, I am using customize CSS to manage how the listing will behave. You can see a sample of it at my site now or at below image.

I am going to share you all the CSS here. Check out this CSS line:

.Label {  padding:4px 0;  width: 100%;  }
.Label ul{  padding:0;  margin: 0;  }
.Label ul li{ font-size:12px;clear: both;  display: inline;  float: right;  margin: 0 0 8px;  padding: 0; text-align:right; color: #00000;}
.Label ul li a{  background: #ff9900;  color: #FFFFFF;  display: block;  font-family:Verdana,serif;  padding: 4px 12px; font-size:11px;  }
.Label ul li a:hover{  background: #FFEF66;  color: #222222;  text-decoration: none;  }

 Just go Blogger Template Designer > Advance > Add CSS . This the location where you should paste. But remember to add the Label widget before or after you complete above step.

Need help? Post a comment below. 🙂

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