How to align to left for Blogger Simple Template

All Simple Template inside Blogger was designed with centered align for the the whole page. However we can align the page according to your customization needs. It can be either left, center or right.

First thing first

It is important to identify the DIV element in your blog template. As per provided in Simple Template, the body layout can be customize to 1 column, 2 columns and even 3 columns. Identify the DIV element of it, so that later we are modifying the correct element to make it align as per our needs.

How to identify it easily?

In this post I will talk particularly on Chrome browser. Chrome provided a very useful, wonderful tools to check the element inside the webpage.

1. Open your blog page on new tab if you not yet opened it. Right Click at anywhere at the page. Look for ‘Inspect Element’
2. You now will see a new page divider below it. Here you will see all the html code, DIV element, CSS and also a script associate to the page.

3. From above image, I have identify the correct element for me to alter. This will be use to align my page to left (I wanted to make it left)
4. Go Blogger Template Designer > Advance > Add CSS . Enter the code below: (If you do know where Blogger Template Designer, click on this post here )

.content {float:left}

5. Click ‘Apply to Blog’Now your blog successfully aligned to left. Happy editing.

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