How to solve TOAD Error “00.00.0000 00:00:00” is not a valid date and time

There is something weird about my TOAD when I tried to export query result from my TOAD application into Excel file. The error was something like this : “00.00.0000 00:00:00” is not a valid date and time.
I spent a lot of time searching for solution for this error. Luckily I was not so urgently need the data. I have time to google it and find the solution. It is so true when finally I found that it was actually related to Real Player installation in my machine. I do not know why this Real Player download and installation affected to my TOAD program, but this is really a bug which Real staff needed to be notify.
After searching over the net, you may wanted to try listed step I have provided as below.

  1. Simply open TOAD, go to Utilities > Task Scheduler (this is somehow will trigger the error pop-up again)
  2. From the task listed, locate for RealCreateProcessScheduledTask***** (it has a longer character than this)
  3. Delete this task 

If above step was not so succesfull, you may need the other way around. Actaully above step was not working for me. Below step truely works. You may need a command promt running to delete this task, because normal Task Scheduler will not give you the complete list of task when running on your machine.
My machine running Windows 7 Pro, and to accomplish this, I need a full administrator access to delete this task. How to do that?
Find command.exe from your WindowsSystem32 folder. Right Click and click “Run as Administrator”. When the command prompt has appear, do the following:

  1. Type ‘schtasks /query | more‘ and enter to list all current task
  2. Locate the RealCreateProcessScheduledTask***** and copy it over (make sure you copied all full task name of this. If you screen limit it, you can copy the full task name from the TOAD program)
  3. Excute this command ‘schtasks /delete /tn [ProblemTask]‘, which [ProblemTask] is referring to RealCreateProcessScheduledTask***** (full task name).
  4. You will see a prompt notification to confirm deletion, press Y and Enter.
  5. Now you can do export in TOAD with no more error.

Please leave a comment below if you want to add anything.

8 Replies to “How to solve TOAD Error “00.00.0000 00:00:00” is not a valid date and time”

  1. I tried to delete same way told by you but I am getting below error ..
    schtasks /delete /tn [RealCreateProcessScheduledTask15720548S-]

    Did I gave correct command ?

  2. I tried it your way :
    schtasks /delete /tn RealCreateProcessScheduledTask960810S-1-5-21-1802859667-647903414-1863928812-1032740

    but I get ACCESS DENIED,,,
    How can I get around this? I read somewhere that I need to regentrate my TOAD Profile. Do you know this?

  3. Nice..It works..Realplayer and toad are two unrelated ..This is good find..thanks for saving some time…
    Second solution worked for me and i need to take the task from the first solution as the name in command prompt was throwing the error.

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