Problem open TOAD after install : You have no Oracle Client installed.

I encounter a problem with my TOAD for Oracle just now. It mentioned You have no Oracle Client installed .Wondering what is the problem and below was the screenshot of it.

You have no Oracle Client installed

The solution is very simple. And I also found the root cause of it.

Root cause: Toad do not support Oracle Client for 64 bit. As simple as that

Solution : Install Oracle Client 32 bit. You may install another copy of Oracle client, or you may remove the 64 bit which you previously installed.

To be particular, my machine was a Windows 64 bit platform, and I directly apply Resolution 2 as below.

Below are the statement from the Quest Software support site.
For more detail from the site:
– There is no Oracle client installed on the machine or the client installed is 64-bit. Toad does not support a 64-bit Oracle client.
– Environment Variable Path is missing.

Solution for ‘You have no Oracle Client installed’ :

Check to make sure there is an Oracle client installed on your machine. If there is not, you will need to install one. Please review solution SOL76452 for video demo and instructions on installing a 32-bit Oracle Instant Client. See additional information below for link to full 32-bit Oracle Client

If there is an Oracle client installed on the machine, check to see if it is 64-bit. If it is, you will need to install a 32-bit Oracle client.

1) Look for your OCI.DLL file in your computer and Copy the location path i.e. C:oracleproduct10.2.0client_1BIN
2) Right-Click your My Computer | Properties | Advanced Tab | Environment Variables button
3) Under ‘System Variables’ at lower half of screen, highlight ‘Path’ | click Edit
4) Under ‘Variable Value:’ | go to the very beginning of the existing entry | Paste the path you copied earlier
5) Add a semi-colon (;) | and then click OK, OK, OK.
6) Start Toad and re-test

You installed an Oracle Client 10g version in a Windows 64-bit machine. There is an issue with the Oracle Client 10g version on a Windows 64-bit machines where 3rd party Oracle Tools like Toad for Oracle will not be able to see the client. Possible resolutions for this are:
– Install Toad in “C:Quest Software” folder instead of the default “C:Program Files (x86)” folder.
– Install and use Oracle Client 11g version instead. See the download link below for the client we recommend.

To download Oracle 11g Client software:
11g 64bit client
11g 32bit Client
You may need a Oracle Metalink account to download it.

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