Interesting Google Chrome Web Tools to capture a whole web page

For most of internet user, getting a snapshot of a web, or a picture from the web, is very common and sometimes it is difficult to mange.

But with Google Screen Capture for Google Chrome,to save a screenshot of a page is very interesting yet very easy to use. The best part of it, which I personally think very important and most interesting, this tool manage to capture the whole webpage from top to bottom of page. I love it so much!

Below are the simple step to install.

1. You will need a Google Chrome installed. If you do not have it, grab it here.
2. Open your chrome and click on the [Web Store] button located at right bottom of the Chrome page.
3. Search for [Google]
4. Scroll down and look for Google Screen Capture, and install it.

This is great tool, very much love it. Enjoy.

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